We wanted some expert help to develop our organisation’s marketing strategy and Laura has delivered exactly what we wanted. It’s been a pleasure working with her, she’s been so thoughtful, thorough and attentive in her approach.

She’s listened carefully and consulted widely, which has meant that she’s really understood where we’re coming from and has worked with us to find the developments that will work for our organisation.

Always organised and approachable, Laura is a pleasure to work with. We’re in a really strong position now to take the next step and get our strategy into action.

Rosie Carnall, CEO (maternity), Ignite Imaginations

I have had some fantastic support from Laura in relation to starting up my own company, she is knowledgeable and patient and nothing is a silly question. I have found her approachable and friendly at all times and I feel she has been an instrumental part in the launch of my new company. I would definitely recommend Laura’s services in the future.

Claire, Links Care

“When I started my business back in January 2018 I had a number of knowledge gaps which I looked to close with the support of RIDO. I was introduced to Laura who was representing RIDO as a business specialist when I attended one of her marketing workshops which gave me food for thought.

Laura then came to my office on a one-to-one basis to provide me with the necessary support with my marketing activity and more notably, how to utilise social media as a key business tool.

I find Laura to be particularly dynamic in the way that she can take a scenario and create a number of marketing opportunities from it, she took time to understand my business and to help develop my confidence to understand what people want to see and how/when they want to see it.

I highly recommend Laura, her workshops and the one to one support which I have had the opportunity to receive.”

Dean, Utility Source Ltd

“In less than a month, Laura Stead has steered my new business onto a more successful road.

I am a self-published children’s author who delivers educational workshops in schools. Since attending three of Laura’s workshops I have seen a significant improvement in my own business confidence and a 200% increase in the direct sales of my books.

Laura is approachable, friendly and has a clear passion for helping businesses flourish. She will help you ‘think outside the box’ and take your business to places you might not believe possible. She will dare you to dream!

I see Laura as being an integral part in the future growth and development of my business and I would highly recommend her to all businesses great and small.”

Malcolm J Hogan, Author

“Laura is very helpful when it comes to marketing for new businesses. I had no idea where to start with my social media and general marketing of my new business. She helped me understand when I should be promoting certain products and how I can promote them without sounding ‘salesy’ all the time. She also helped me understand how to organise my marketing. With Laura’s professional advice, I have created a content planner that is perfect for me and posts that have variation and hopefully create interest.

Laura is always willing to help, even for the smallest of questions. Nothing is a silly question and she has helped me feel at ease when setting up my business 🙂 Thank you so much for all your help x”

Rebecca Hickman Photography

“Laura is amazing to work with and she is extremely knowledgeable. She brought excitement to marketing for me at a time when I knew very little about it.

When we worked together on a one to one basis, she instinctively understood my ideas. She was able to help me shape these ideas to market my business. I felt involved, listened to and empowered by the experience.

Laura’s training sessions have been packed with information, ideas and strategies that have all helped me to feel more confident at promoting my business. I would highly recommend her whatever the size of your business. Laura is sharp in her knowledge and exciting in her ideas. She has remained supportive, genuine, reliable and above all very professional.”

Tracy, TRCounselling and Behaviour Services

“Laura is real, Laura is passionate about what she does and she knows what she is talking about. She is hands-on and has the experience you need. She is direct and clear and honest and that is what you need from a Marketing Consultant, I would highly recommend Laura, she is a delight and a pleasure to work with. Your business is her business.”

RiDO Client

Some people are all about the big picture – other people pin down the detail to troubleshoot and finish a job. Laura can do both and – more importantly – knows exactly when to use each mode.

She’s not only an impressively insightful marketer, but she’s also one of the most productive and efficient people I have ever worked with: a natural problem solver who cuts through the faff and makes stuff happen.

She supports her staff practically and with genuine care, and even when the pressure’s on she’s tons of fun to work with.

Brook Hayes, former colleague, Children’s Food Trust

Laura is a creative and pragmatic marketing professional who gets results. She can deliver impactful integrated campaigns to raise brand awareness and inspire action, using insight and evaluation to inform all delivery. As a manager of projects or people, she is thorough, thoughtful and motivating. Whether she is managing a multichannel communications campaign, major event, large scale publication or a room full of key stakeholders she is a swan – serene and hardworking.

Laura takes a strategic view but is always happy to roll up her sleeves and deliver practical solutions. She gives her best and gets the best out of her colleagues. Laura is amazing to work with, totally dependable, supportive and fun – I couldn’t ask for more.

Darshana Dholakia, Director of Communications, Children’s Food Trust